Movie Nights: Aliens Vs Mummies

After a string of good and fantastic movies over the summer, these two paled in comparison. X-Files was so-so, but I shouldn't have bothered with The Mummy 3. Should have listened to Mr DJ now, shouldn't I. He said I'm better off watching SATC instead.

But nooooo. I wanted to see Brendan Fraser.

Mrasa lah!

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

There's Mulder and Scully and there's Captain Skinner. However, there's no aliens in this movie. Thus, my title for this blog entry is off. HA!

The plot was interesting enough, but not so much of a shocker. It's mild. It's like I'm watching one of the episode from the TV series, albeit a longer version.

Scully is now a staff physician at Our Lady of Sorrows, a Catholic hospital, and treating a boy named Christian who has Sandhoff disease, a terminal brain condition. Mulder, having been disgraced and hiding out from the FBI, is now a recluse wearing a beard and all.

When an FBI agent disappeared as well as several other women in cold, white, wintry West Virginia, Mulder and Scully are called upon to help with the case. It ventured into the weird (but not alien!) when body parts are found by a former priest who seems to have psychic abilities in finding these things.

The former priest is also a convicted pedophile, much to Scully's disgust.

And so, that's it. It's a murder mystery, nothing to do with the paranormal that was the X-Files that I'm familiar with.

The way I see it, this movie was made for the fans, eventhough we were told that it is a stand-alone movie, judging by the way the camera panned it's introduction for Scully, Mulder as well as Skinner. It was a moment worthy of a fangirl squee; if you're a big fan, that is.

As well as sealing the deal that Mulder and Scully are a couple. First, we see them sleeping together on the same bed. And then the big moment kiss at the end of the movie. Even our strict censorship board let that whole scene through. Without any cut y'all. I'm amazed. Lol.

I'm giving this movie a 3 out of 5.

The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

Oh, where do I begin!

I've enjoyed the first and second movie. I wanted this third installment to be as good. But I guess, they should have just stop at two or work on this a bit more.

For starters, it's like watching two movies -- one with Jet Li depicting what happened in the past and another with Brendan in the current. The bridge between the two didn't mend the gap for some reason. Not like the first two movies.

The casting was totally off, too.

They've replaced Rachel Weisz, who played Evy in the previous movies, with Maria Bello. I'm sorry, but she didn't manage to pull it off. Evy is another Lara Croft-wannabe. She has class, wit, spunk and girl-power goodness.

Maria's Evy is weak, flimsy and too girly. There was this scene with her prancing with a sword and it was so unconvincing. There was no chemistry between her and Brendan. And that somehow makes his acting too forced as well.

And then there's this guy who played 18-year-old Alex, Luke Ford. You do remember in the second movie, Rick and Evy has a son who was 10 years old then? Well, he's grown up and basically, this movie started with him finding the Terracotta Armies and the Dragon Emperor remains.

They should have cast someone much, much younger than Luke. He looks like Rick's brother more than his son! And why must Alex be 18 in this movie? Why not 15 or 16? Maybe then they can look for a tall, lanky younger actor instead :p

The only character that stay true to form is Jonathan, Evy's brother. Sigh.

The show down between the Emperor (Jet Li) and his witch (Michelle Yeoh) was too simplified, IMO. A bit of a waste there.

And there are Yetis, too. This, I must tell you because it was rather silly. I've always thought a Yeti look more like a bear and I told Su as much. Her response to that was a whispered, 'No, no. They look more like Bigfoot'. 'I see. So a Yeti is the snow version of Bigfoot', said I without much thought.

And we looked at each other and snigger quietly.

For this awful three-quel, I give it a 2 over 5. Please, don't bother watching it on the big screen. It's really not worth it.