Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 22

One of the best weekend of the past few weekends because I managed to complete my tasks. Teehee. I went to get the car light's fixed and was told that the gasket leaked, but nothing major. It can wait until my next oil change, so I couldn't be bothered to do anything to it.

I'm still broke from the last episode, please :p

Then, I send the car for a wash. It was pretty quick. I think I'll go for the wax and polish the next time.

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ezrazlin said...

that car wash place you looks so familiar~can't me out here!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hmm.. i wonder if u are broke, why aren't you washing the car yrself? ^^ bcoz usually when im broke or feel like saving some extra cash, i'll just wash my car myself. :)

Jean Chia

Larawannabe said...

ezra it's near where i live, but not sure what the place is called. but it's next to suntex, batu 9.

jean i'm not that destitute but neither am i rolling in it. lol. and these car wash places aren't expensive. i'm not much of a 'wash the car myself' person, really. i'd rather pay people off to do it for me ;)