Movie Nights: The Incredible Hulk

To tell you the truth, I had some reservations about this movie. Not very keen, neither am I thrilled at the prospect of watching this movie. I remembered the other Hulk movie. I don't quite like it.

Besides, seeing the CG of the Hulk from the trailers didn't help much to convince me otherwise. It looked so cartoon-ish. I prefer the old-skool human Hulk.

However, I was somewhat 'forced' to watch this movie last Friday, just because there wasn't a 9PM show for Wanted. I was in for a pleasant surprise, though.

Do not judge a movie by its trailer. Lol.

I enjoyed this version much better than the previous one. It's entertaining and engaging. Edward Norton was awesome as Bruce Banner. And Hulk was just that big massive angry green monster! Just how I like my Hulk to be.

Liv Tyler as Betty was... ok, I guess. William Hurt as General Ross was horribly loathsome! Which was good. Very in-character type thing. Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky gives you the creep, and then The Abomination was supremely evil.

The CG bits was bearable after all.

The climax of the movie; the face off between Hulk and Abomination was loud and full of rowr-ness! Which was rather ironic. You can see all these brutal scenes, but all the kissing scenes in this movie got cut. Yup, that's the Malaysian Censorship Board for you.

Anyway, watching the final battle, you can feel Hulk's pain. He's like so small compared to Abomination y'all. One backhand from Abomination can threw Hulk into and through the building and come out on the other side. Lol. Full of action. Very cool.

And even though I was looking forward to see Tony Stark's cameo, I was pleasantly surprised to see another special cameo as well.

Any one noticed Lou Ferrigno in this movie? The campus security guard? Thats the original Incredible Hulk y'all! The one that I watched growing up. Awesome!! I squee like a fangirl I am. I also learnt that Bill Bixby (original Bruce Banner from the TV series) made a cameo, too. As well as Stan Lee. But I didn't catch those. Oh well...

And then when Tony Stark actually came on screen, I totally lost the whole storyline there. I couldn't get what was exchanged between the General and him. Seriously. I think it was because when we watched Iron Man, we didn't see the ending after the credits.

M mentioned about it to me, but she didn't tell me what it was all about. There was a scene where Nick Fury came to see Tony Stark at his apartment and mentioned about joining his 'team'. If you're a follower of Marvel superheroes, you'll know he's talking about The Avengers.

However, I'm not into comics, hence I was clueless. I came home and try to Google for it. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who 'didn't get it'. Some one in that thread disdainfully said, 'Know your Marvel history!'. Lol. Here's the answer.

Therefore, in this movie, Tony Stark came looking for Bruce Banner to get him to join the 'team'. He went to see the General because he knows where to find Bruce Banner (apparently). This will eventually tie-in with the Avengers movie scheduled for release in 2011.

Exciting, yes? I feel like a superheroes geek right now. Awesomeness! Le sigh.



ezrazlin said…
i prefer iron man much much better..and more realistik rather then some mad man in green all piss up getting even haha!
Larawannabe said…
Hear hear! Definitely Iron Man's better. But compared to the other Hulk movie, don't you think this one's much more better?
ezrazlin said…
meaning hulk is getting better? he is never better..he is always mean and green haha!
Larawannabe said…
not hulk. he's not really a superhero, is he? lol. but the movie itself. i don't quite like the previous one. it wasn't that entertaining lah for me. this new one, is.