Cockaigne \kah-KAYN\, noun:
An imaginary land of ease and luxury.

Sounds like a bad word, eh? Lol.

Last night, instead of the promised hour, I stayed for two. I feel like as if there's poison seeping through us, lingering around us. It's not good. I wonder if I should talk... but would he listen?

I met up with Mira's teacher today. Same old, same old -- she excels in music, singing and dancing. Other more academic stuff was just 'ok'. She received a lot of Bs and Cs, and you can guess where that Bs mostly came from.

Yes, music and singing. Lol.

They've started teaching them basic Mandarin this term. I saw the workbook. I have no clue how to do revision with Mira on a language I don't even know. How now?

With Jawi, even though I'm not that good at spelling it out, at least I can still managed to read it.

Anyway, I think I should discuss with DH, see if we should send her to a music class or something. She seemed to be very inclined towards that and I think we should be more encouraging in her interest.

At least there, we both can help her out. DH is very musical, whilst I still remember my notes ;)

I'm meeting Su for a movie tonight. We wanted to watch Wanted, but Gardens Signature do not have a showing at 9pm. So, we'll be watching Hulk instead. Bummer.

On another unrelated note, I'm rather pleased to know that I still have 'it'. To catch the look in their eyes. Younger, too. It's been going on for a whole week now. Something is different?

It's a nice feeling all the same :)



ezrazlin said…
never heard of this word 'cockaigne' before..imaginary land of ease and luxury? what it really means? in malay we have the word 'berangan' that it?
Larawannabe said…
yes, i guess. berangan secara mewah. lol.