Bosan Tahap Cipan

I went shoe shopping with Cyn today at lunch. We've been looking for a pair for a while now but to no avail. However, today I managed to narrow down my choices to two -- one from Vincci, another from Vids & Vads.

I think I'll go with Vincci because their store is nearest to my office. Is that logical? Whatevs.

Instead of actually buying any shoes over lunch, we went to Marks & Spencer and bought a lot of snack stuff. Well, Cyn did -- lots of chips and cookies. I only bought two packs of cookies. One of which I've munched all while pretending to do work.


My colleagues are planning to go for drinks after work. Me included. I'm not feeling up to it. All I want to do is to go home and lose myself in the world of Eve Dallas and Roarke. But then, it would be nice to just hang out with them and bitch about work, yeah?

Maybe I'll stay for an hour.

I have to meet Mira's teacher tomorrow. It's term progress report day. I thought of taking the half day off, but too lazy to text Mr G about it. I'm trying to avoid answering questions I do not have an answer to. Huhu.

And why is it difficult to look for greeting cards that are meant to encourage friends or even loved ones? I've scoured all the shops here for the past two weeks but I couldn't find any. Must I resort to writing one on my own??


Oh! I went to Borders on Monday, I think. I asked them about Breaking Dawn. They gave me a more promising answer compared to MPH. The girl said the book should arrive here sometime end of July. She suggests I check again next month to get the latest update.

If I can get it from them, then I might cancel my orders with Amazon. I should call them back by third week of July, I think. That would give me enough time to decide.

It's half past five. The plan was for all of us to stop work now, start clearing our tables and start packing our bags. Just so we can leave at six sharp for the drinks-thingy.

Yeah, right. Haha!