All alone in the moooooonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

At the moment, I'm in the den typing this entry as well as listening to Britney Spears; whilst Mira is in the living room, listening to Linkin Park. Yeah... :p

My bosses are back from their long weekend today. I thought I'd be penalized for something someone else said I failed to do. However, nothing of that sort happened. We did talked about it, but The Hotness was rather cool about the whole thing. Instead of reprimanding me as what 'someone' said he'll do, we agreed to work closely together to avoid future complications.

All was well.

Memories At lunch, I went to pick up the RAMs I ordered from a shop in Megamall. We decided to just buy them ourself instead of ordering them from our IT Support Consultant. They wanted to charge us a bomb for our orders, like double the price we paid for these.

I mean, RAMs are not that expensive now, right. You should see the quote we received from Dell, too. It was exorbitant! Maybe theirs are made of gold.

But of course, I had to install them all on my own. Lol. I'm not even sure if Mr G knows how. I know the Hotness is capable, though. He's quite the geek himself.

I did nothing else but that for the whole afternoon. We upgraded everybody's RAM today. Phew! Hopefully, there'll be no more complaints from them.

Freakin' tiring, man! Those few old Dells we have were heavy. The newer models not so, thank goodness.

Anyway, everyone else has now a faster machine except moi. The IT Consultant who audited our PCs for this exercise had given us the wrong specs requirement. I now have an additional stick that cannot be used in my PC. Tomorrow I have to go down to the shop again to exchange it.

All in a day's work.

Tomorrow, Su and I will be watching Hancock. I thought it'd be cool to watch Wanted at the Gold Class (the timing thingy again), but alas, I was pressured not to waste RM60 per ticket for it. Lol. I actually had an earful from my colleague about it.

So, Hancock it is. Hopefully the movie will be as funny as its trailer ;-)



ezrazlin said…
rams rams rams! speed eh..speed it up!

go and watch hancock..i did and it is and will be willy's best!