\rih-NAS-uhnt\, adjective:
Springing or rising again into being; showing renewed vigor.

Hurray, Friday is here! It's appears I only live for the weekends. Lol. I suppose I do. Eventhough I hardly do anything much except read, write and do domestic stuff. I don't go out either.

At least, I watch movies at the cinema on most Fridays, so I guess I'm not that boring.

Speaking of which, I'm so excited we'll be watching The Dark Knight tonight. At midnight y'all, because Su has got a shopping list to run through later. Thus, we won't be able to fit our usual nine-ish movie time.

Why So Serious?

We've got prime seats -- middle, right at the back! I have decided that we will only sit at the back against the wall because the last time we sat one row in front of it, we've an encounter with someone's peeping foot. Very unpleasant.

So yes, the prospect of dinner, drinks, shopping and movie; as well as the company, are very much anticipated. Woohoo!

Yesterday over lunch, I dragged Cyn to Borders to find out if they've any news about Breaking Dawn. This is just as a follow up to my first enquiry last month.

You know what's annoying, though? When the Information Counter staff themselves do not have the information you asked for.

Maybe Borders should rename it to MISinformation Counter, instead?

This is my third try in getting a resolute answer from them. Two Mondays ago I called them up and the lady who answered gave me the roundabout. It's like they cannot even commit to give me any answer.

Would have been simple to just say they expect it to arrive at such and such time but best if I check back at the end of the month to be sure, or something.

The second time I checked was last Friday. The lady showed me a booking form, stated right on top the release date, in bold and all. But when I asked her to confirm, she couldn't. WTF?

So, I didn't jot down my name. I still have time to cancel my order from Amazon if need be.

Yesterday, when I walked towards the Info Counter, there's this easel with Breaking Dawn's cover poster advertising the release date as August 4th. I made an enquiry with the guy who was manning the counter. And you know what? He don't know nuts about the book.

Hahahahahahahahahaha! *died laughing out too loud and has gone to meet Edward Cullen himself for some vampire loving*

When the bloody poster was right under his nose, y'all. Even when I kept pointing at the easel, he seemed oblivious to it.

Sigh. Where have all good service gone to?

Anyway, he did gave out a satisfactory answer to my 'loaded' question. Said the books they ordered haven't arrived yet but it will be here by the release date. I asked if I should put my name to reserve a copy but he said it may not be necessary. They've ordered a plenty so it seems.

I'm sure he hasn't a clue there is a booking list/form but I couldn't be bothered to argue.

I have now canceled my pre-order from Amazon. Looks like I'll be able to get my hands on the book at the same time as the rest of the world (except US :p) after all. Another round of 'woohoo!' is in order.