A Sticker Chart Can Help Modify Your Child's Behaviour

by Tammy Embrich

Are you at your wits end with cycle after cycle of bad behavior with your child? Do you raise your voice more than you'd like to?

It is true that children know exactly what buttons to push when it comes to discipline. They know when and how to test your allowances. YOU...The parent, should be in full charge. Not the other way around. A colorful sticker chart proudly displayed on your refrigerator can be of some significant assistance.

A behavior modification plan (if used properly) can successfully break through the cycles of undesirable or bad behavior. This can also be an effective learning tool to assist them in progressing to a new level of social development. Children love stickers. They make them feel special.

Present this behavior modification plan to your child with enthusiasm. Talk about it in a positive way. Let them know that you want them to learn and maintain good behavior habits and this is a really fun way of doing it. Take them shopping with you to pick out the stickers. Have your spouse join in on the excitement.

It is advised to give the plan four to six weeks to be effective. This should give your child a clear understanding of YOUR expectations for his or her behavior. These charts can also be used to assist with daily chores and homework.

Sticker charts assisted me in disciplining my own son. It worked like a charm. You can use various colors of construction paper to make these charts. I used the color blue. That is my son's favorite color. I used a black magic marker to outline the charts. But, use your imagination...you can make them up however you wish. You can also use poster paper.

At the top of the chart, write your child's name. Then list the desirable behaviors that he or she need to learn. For example: honesty, cooperation, responsibility, kindness.

Making a chart up for each month is ideal. Draw lines separating the listed behaviors. Place the date on the left side of the chart...drawing lines for each day of the month. This way, you will have a square to display a sticker for good behavior for that particular day. Make sure you have bright, colorful stickers on hand at all times. They can include, smiley faces, stars, hearts...anything that you think will capture your child's attention or anything they might like.

For each day your child earns your approval on a particular behavior, place a sticker on the chart for that day. Be generous when just beginning the plan to motivate and encourage. Then adjust the amount of rewards accordingly.

Help your child understand the value behind these behavior changes...(to feel better about themselves, not just to please you.)

Here are some helpful tips:
1) Be consistent with the plan. If your child feels that you have lost interest in the charts...he or she will most likely lose interest as well.

2) Go the extra mile and really show your admiration, appreciation, and approval when they display desirable behavior.

3) Take stickers with you wherever you go. You can also reward your child with them when you're away from home. Children love to wear them on their clothes.

4) These charts are beneficial for teachers as well as parents

5) When your child completes a whole week (or month) earning stickers consequetively everyday, give them a special treat. Go out for pizza, go to the show, or let them invite a friend to stay over for the weekend.

6) (Important)...Never, ever forget to use plenty of smiles, hugs, kisses, and praise along with the rewards. Hugs and kisses go a long way. It is important to let your children know they are loved and special.

Article written by: Tammy Embrich

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