Silly Things I Do

Have you visited website? Highly amusing. Lol! I came across it recently, although I can't remember how I got there now.

You can select your own celebrity to match with from a list of names. I first tried it out on my imaginary ex-boyfriend (yes, he's my ex now, haha) to see if we were a perfect match. See, past tense and all. This was what I got.

I knew it! I knew we'll only click intellectually because he's very smart and mature (for his age). I find that attributes very sexy. We'll surely have plenty of stuff to share and talk about.

Next, I tried to look for EC but of course, you'll never find him on the list because he's literally imaginary (ceh!). Thus, I went for the next best thing and here's our result.

Ooohhh... let's get physical, baby. I loike! I pretty much suspect it because other than he's hot, I know next to nothing about him. Lol.

Maybe I need to keep both of them -- one to feed on my intellect, another to feed on my physical needs. Yeah. That's a good imaginary idea. I am a Pisces after all ;-p

Anyway, you can also check on your best matches, where the website give you a list by calculating your biorhythm based on your birth dates. This was what given to me...

Except for Heath Ledger, the rest of the list does not amuse nor spike my interest. I've no idea who Kenny Chesney and Kip Pardue were until I Googled for them. Eric Bana and Kevin Richardson (of BSB) are so-so. They both looked alike in a way, don't they?


Go ahead, check what's yours. I know you want to ;-)