I can't wait to clock off to start my weekend. Another two more hours, more or less. To sink my butt on the cinema's comfy chair and just enjoy the remaining day with my BFF.

Not sure what I should be doing tomorrow as well as Sunday. Mira needs a haircut, maybe we'll drop by the hairdresser in the AM. May as well send the car for a wash -- it's terribly filthy. Oh! And get the left front light fixed, too.

Perhaps I'll be in the mood to clear up the bookshelves this week. It's becoming a little too crowded as well as unorganized. We'll see...

Dunno if DH has any plans, though.

What else... ?

I may be heading to KK next month for a weekend. A few of us are planning to visit JC. It'll be just me and not a family thing, I'm afraid. However, the airfare is what stalling us from confirming the exact date at the moment. Lol.

My lunch buddy will be away for the next two weeks. Boohoo. Looks like I'll be staying in with my books to entertain me. Hope she'll have a good trip.