Update of Sorts

It took awhile, but the domain larawannabe.com is now alive. Yeah, about time.

I've had it sorted out many moons ago, actually; but took my own sweet time to work on and update the index page. Thing is, I don't know exactly what to do with it. For now, it's a landing page of sort.

I seem to be leaving a lot of footprints around the interweb. I'll eventually link everything else up there.

And I have three blogs (four if you include the Myspace one). Wait, wait... five if you include the Dream Journal one. Oh! Sixth in Multiply, I just remembered. Goodness! Why do I need so many blogs?

Maybe I should transfer my creative work to Myspace's blog. That was what the profile page was for in the first place, other than connecting with other Tomb Raider's fan.

Not sure what to do with Vox, though. I opened an account there just before TextAmerica went fee-based. We're all scouring for the next moblog at that time. I've pretty much settled down at Flickr for that now.

That's all. For now.