\puh-LAV-uhr; puh-LAH-vur\, noun:
1. Idle talk
2. Talk intended to beguile or deceive.
3. A parley usually between persons of different backgrounds or cultures or levels of sophistication; a talk; hence, a public conference and deliberation.

I have a new crave that started last week -- mocha latte. And I've decided I like Starbucks' the best. It doesn't help control my cravings by having to walk past the outlet every morning on my way to the office. Sigh.

This morning Peter came into the office looking very dashing, smart and handsome. I told him as much when I went to see him a while later. He said he went shopping last night. He splurged on Armani's and such. They're on sale, apparently.

Cyn and I have been wondering if we've missed the Mega Sale, but it appeared to have just started over the weekend. Or could be since last Friday? I just remembered seeing GAP's sale sign on their store window on the way to Signature. Hmmm...

I am missing my lunch partner. Maybe that's the reason why I'm feeling so down. Just tired and listless.

Speaking of work, I mentioned in passing to Jane about someone we know mutually. I am rather surprised to learn of her opinion about him as well as her observation that everything is all peachy. I wonder if the 'poison' has sunk in. Will there be no chance to remedy it? To right what is wrong?

Ugh! If it is too late, then I wouldn't want to be there when all hell break loose.

Manja the cat is in a peculiar mood these days. She likes to sit and sleep on plastic bags. She has stopped sleeping on our bed for a few weeks now. I think I've offended her some what. Maybe I have accidentally kick her or something while I'm sleeping. She just refused to sleep with me.

I did something I've never done before in my entire life. Not even when I was an impressionable teenager; at which age would be more appropriate to do this thing. I'm now feeling a little bit foolish, but it's too late to take it back.

I can't take it back. Full stop. I hope he'll find it amusing, toss it aside and forget all about it. Lol.