Among other things...

Anxiety attack. That's what happened to me yesterday. Well, that's what the doctor concluded because nothing was wrong with me -- blood pressure ok, blood sugar level ok, heart check pun ok.

It was scary, nonetheless.

Work is getting on well. I'm getting busier day by day. I guess that is a good thing ;)

I have decided to grant Mira's wish to be transferred back to Q-dees. She's unhappy. Nak kata dia sangat stress pegi sekolah tetiap pagi pun boleh jugak. So, after much thought (and congak-congak bajet), ok lah.

If we face the same situation at work, we'd be busy finding new place to go, trying to jump ship too, right? But she has to promise to work harder and do her homework diligently :p

Looks like the budget for my PC upgrade has to be prolonged into another month. Boohoo.

That is all for now, I think.

Oh my god!! June already????