It was really all about wearing the tutu.

With the dance gala less than a month away, the school handed out the girls' costume to be brought home today. I understand that ballet is not all about the tutus but the tutu is all I care about. LOL.

Anyway, we're asked to complete the costumes with flowers and diamonds. Because I am in the mood to sew, I did it today itself. Knowing me, once I start procrastinating it'll not be done until the very last minute.

Here are some shots of Mira fashioning her Ballerina Princess costume...

There should be a bow on each shoes, but we'll do that closer to concert date mmm'kay.

For the next few weekends, she has to attend double classes (here we go again) to work more on the dance that they're to perform. I'll also have to take half day leaves for two days to drive her to the full dress rehearsals at the end of the month.

I was just thinking of taking the extra leave I get for yesterday's public holiday next Monday, but alas, I'll reserve that for the rehearsals lah.

For those who would like to attend the Dance Charity Gala, you can purchase the tickets (donations) from any Jean Gan Ballet school. There are two shows, 3rd and 4th July -- performance by the different branches, to be held at the PJ Civic Hall.



dillazag said…
Aahhh.. Bellissiom.. :)
I am a sucker for tutus too. :)
Kids look so damn adorable in them. (or moms?) hihihihi
Larawannabe said…
If mom = carrie bradshaw, then maybe can pull it off. Tapi kalau mak pakai tutu? Haaa.. jadi la macam Hippo in a Tutu. Sila google image, sebijik ok. LOL!