Waka Waka Eh Eh!

Miroslav Klose, Merry's favourite German, scored the opening goal against England.

The final score:

Four-freaking goals! Germany's going to the Quarter Finals, bay-beh. My 2 bosses must be rightly pissed.

I wonder if I have a job to go to tomorrow ;-)

TV1's showing the delayed telecast now. I find it very amusing to see them commenting like as if England's gonna win this when *we all* already know what's the score like. And talking about the 'non-goal' by Lampard. Lol.

But. It's fun to watch the match again.

Anyway, I'll try to catch ARG vs MEX later... if I'm not too sleepy lah. Need to know who's Germany facing next and what's the competition like, ya' know. Hehe.



SH said…
England sucks. I like the country but I cannot stand the players who made up the England team. Very happy that Germany won. They are young but show more composure and play like a team compared to the English players who are more a collection of individuals.
Larawannabe said…
I've always liked how the Germans play. Very fluid, I feel. The English tu yar lah, no team work, very individualistic.