Mixed emotions...

Mid term exam is just around the corner. Mine, not Mira's. Heh. I have approximately 3 weeks to prepare for it. Should be ok lah -- sup sup soi one.

The plan is to concentrate on one subject this week, another next and do revisions the week after. My first paper is on the 5th and the other is on the 7th. Also, there's a little bugger of an assignment to be completed for submission on the 11th.

Busy, busy, busy. 'Honeymoon' period is officially over. So, I'll work on the assignment starting this weekend over the next few weeks. Need to look for survey 'victim' soon-ish. Hehe. (Kawan-kawan, bersedia lah ye ;))

On that note, I got my last semester result last Friday.

You know, I've been thinking over the past few weeks, what if I didn't pass my math at all. I've concentrate too much on it and the other two important subjects got some-what sidelined.

I did revisions upon revisions, I printed all the past years exam papers I can get hold of. I practised diligently and then submit it to my tutor for feedback. I even went to the library to borrow books about math (I knowwwww, wtf right?).

And yes, I am glad to announce that I scored an A for Management Math. For realz yo. I did it my way (poyo).

In school, I merely pass cukup-cukup makan, or worst still for Add Math, nothing more than 10% marks. Lol. That's the reason why I'm so paranoid I'd fail this subject this time around. But alas, I raised above it, cewah.


The other two subjects suffered. It was very perplexing to see it. It wasn't what I aimed for. C+ and a C for HRM and Micro-Econs respectively. *sad face*

So yes, mixed feelings about last sem result. On one hand I am elated that I scored math (at last!!), but feel bummed that I couldn't even get a B for the other two. Sad sad sad.

Well, I'll try harder this sem then :)