Bad day...

I managed to get sick. Boss sent me home to take a rest. I think I was only in the office for two hours today. Dunno if I can come in tomorrow because as I am writing this, I think the fever has made an appearance. Sigh.

I shall persevere (to get better before dawn)!

The weather was so hot and dry over the weekend, I know I shouldn't but I succumbed to the temptation of having very cold things to cool down.  Like iced cold Coke, a large root beer float, waffles with ice cream, etc.

Mira had double classes so early in the morning and then I had to drive out to Taman Segar for Booboo's food. There are two pet stores there but the traffic, OMG! was horrendous. Just over the few strips of road. Entah apa-apa!

I even managed to get my car scratched by another. Tak sempat-sempat nak jalan. I couldn't even stop by the road side or park my car. On Sunday (Booboo direly in need of his pallets; gave him apples, alfalfa, carrots -- makan tak kenyang je), I suddenly thought of the pet store in Connaught CMC where I bought him from.

And viola! they have it on sale. Booboo only take specific brands of pallets ok, that's why I had to scout for it. Small pet shops normally doesn't carry it. I usually bought it from Pets Wonderland.

So now I'm paying for my bad judgement. Have been sneezing numerous times since Sunday. It now has some what stopped because the cold has arrived. I hate getting sick :(

To make things worst, I am having the heaviest period of my life! Like, really heavy punya ni. I've to resort to the maxi ones and I have to use 2 at one time. Even with that I've to change every hour, if not it'll leak.


To the max!

Ok, I'm going to swallow a few pills and sleep.