Allow me to bitch for a moment, please.

I don't really understand how my GENERAL MANAGER work, or even if he knows what he's doing (mostly ~I've worked with many GMs before, this one is not up to par). Really. Migrating without any backup plan? Has he done this before? Ikut suka-suka jek migrate.

I keep receiving notification emails now. I've accummulated 985 emails of the same thing today. WTF?

Before the server crashed, I sent an email to those involved; apparently the two IT people who are supposed to be in communication with each other, did not. And this GM gave out instruction without checking if the new email addresses have been created.

So, vendor A said 'we are in the midst of creating your email addresses', the GM send an email to IT dept asking to create a notification to let people know we've changed our email and to practically delete our old mailboxes.

Hence, our emails from the old domain trying to find the new address in B but because it has not been created couldn't find it and it bounced back and forth creating a loop!

You know, I am so glad I've worked with Mr Gadget before. At least, he's anal enough to teach me a thing or two. And one of it was not to get into shitz like above.

Tomorrow I am going to speak to boss to let me handle this. I mean, I've run an entire office before, right. This should come under my watch methink.



yeah! you show him, who's the boss hehhehehe...

aparahh!! main order je. yang susah nanti sumer orang bawahan. these people never think, do they?!
Larawannabe said…
mak berlagak kan? lol. but really, i was shocked bila dia tetiba je pulled the plug. dah la im waiting for an email reply to confirm a meeting yg boss i dok tunggu2. hampeh ok.