What are you staring at? Go polish something.

My weekends used to be carefree. I always look forward to it; time for me to rest, have a sleep in, enjoy the slow pace, being lazy and spending time at home doing domestic stuff.

There were also weekends which I had nothing to do until my mind can go numb until I started to wish for Monday to come already. But from this week onwards? I think I am more relaxed during the week these days.

On Saturday, it was Mort's birthday and as I have already planned to take him to the vet, Mira and I started our day early that morning. We went to the vet that was introduced by Nong this time.

At the clinic, we discovered that the last time we took him to the (other) clinic (in March / April), the vet only took his poo sample to check for worms and flea infection. She didn't vaccinate him. So we had to do that first and thus, his operation can only be scheduled two weeks later.

I just realize I have mid-term that week, will have to push vet visit to the week after lah.

We were supposed to attend Z&Z's birthday party but DH wanted to use the car to go to work that afternoon. Thus, Mira and I stayed home, we took a nap instead.

Sunday morning, I took Mira to her ballet.

Starting from this weekend, she has to attend an extra class on Saturdays. The timeslot that was given by the school initially clashes with my fortnight tutorials, but we've sorted it out. She will have to attend Saturday afternoon for extra classes and Sunday mornings for her usual class.

Or so I thought.

On Sunday after the class, her teacher pulled me aside. She think Mira'll need another hour extra class to ensure that she'll be good and ready for the exam in April. Kesudahannya, she has been enrolled to two one-hour classes on Sunday back to back, which started yesterday itself, on top of her extra class on Saturdays.

Bontot mak stiff and flat uols by the time she finished her sessions!

And then after we had a quick lunch, we had to sit through a horrible jam that started in the parking area itself, for forty five minutes!

It's not that I dread it, any time I get to spend with Mira we had fun. It's just the waiting je yang tak larat.

Anyway, I will have to figure out how to kill 2 hours of my time. Reading at the centre itself is not advisable. Oftentimes, the place is like a nursery; with screaming kids and crying babies.

Mana lagi nak lepak (yang tak melibatkan berpuluh-puluh wang ringgit)?



nong@kween said…
i love the title. very blair waldorf.. :)
nong@kween said…
Ouch.. mak paham on stiff n flat bum. have the same problem sitting in a jam day in and day out. lol
Larawannabe said…
Memang pinjam Blair Waldorf quote pun. Lol. I looooove her. I like B better than S actually.
Doubleaye said…
I love her too and I did a quiz which GG character am I and no prize for guessing which character suited me the most :P

Bring your laptop, then go to the nearest Starbucks and enjoy the free wi-fi. How's that?
mira doesn't mind that her bibu goes missing for a couple of hours kan? then like zoowra said, bring your lappy and surf yourself out. or bring a book and plonk at the nearest cafe on a comfy sofa :) . utter bliss i tell you.
Larawannabe said…
Once she's in class, bibu ni dilupakan. Lol. Tapi coz there's a 15 mins break in between I have to be there when she finish her 1st class la.

Thanks ladies, for the suggestions. I thought of lepaking somewhere with a book (lappy tak boleh sbb kena beli dulu la kan).

Or, I could join the gym. Haha!