Depression is the inability to construct a future.

It is, like, so true ok. I am depressed because the future of my next semester seems bleak at the moment.

I've been given Math for Management as one of the subjects. I am adamant not to sit for it this semester, hence I've been trying to drop it for something else. MM is like Add Math and the last time I sat for it, I got ZERO. Habis kuat pun 2% marks.

I'm saving that paper for later, thanks.

I was told Ethics was on of the subjects offered this semester, so the first time I submitted my form was to replace MM for Ethics. It was rejected; I'm told I can only pick up that subject in May and I can only replace MM with any other core subjects.

Thus, my second submission was to replace it with another HR subject (I've already one HR subject next sem). But alas, it has been rejected again because there is a prerequisite for that particular subject.


The faculty suggested I replace it with Introduction to Statistics instead. Benci lah. I want nothing to do with numbers, can or not?

I've written back asking if there is any other subject that does not involves any calculations that he can recommend. It normally takes them a day to reply, so hopefully I'll get some answer tomorrow.

Taking two subjects only is out of the question as I do not want to waste any more time. As it is, this semester I've wasted one slot as Prep Math was not part of my course structure.




nong@kween said…
mak kalau Maths, agak sangap jua. but then, masa ambik maths kat Us, mak boleh score plak, calculus summore. maybe different approach kot.
Doubleaye said…
Aku mmg sucks in maths. Full stop. But I scored A+ for Stats. But that was mainly because the lecturer was agak vogue heheh
Larawannabe said…
Owh, no choice already. I've to sit for MM.

How to 'pass dengan cemerlang' macam ni? Lol.