A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

I feel like as if we're in Forks. It's been raining every day. My umbrella has not a chance to dry. The other day I actually saw someone wearing a trenchcoat near my workplace. He doesn't look local, though. Perhaps, we should start wearing one, too ;)

Because of the wet weather, I managed to catch myself a cold. Ugh! I haven't visit the doctors yet, though. Saving it for Friday (macam ni pun boleh kan?), hehe.

Being sick makes me a lil' bit moody. Not bothered to catch my usual TV series so far. Instead, I curl up in bed re-reading Twilight.

Can't wait to watch New Moon movie, which opens next week. I have gladly let myself be double-booked to watch this movie with friends - MC and IggySingh respectively.

I should start packing to go home, lest I miss the 6:45pm bus again and have to wait for an hour and a half for the next one to come.




nong@kween said…
Jangan lupa mak uols.. for new moon date...(now got time to prepare myself mentally before falling head over feet with edward cullen...)
Larawannabe said…
mari mari, beramai ramai jom tengok new moon. hehe. mak cuma takot nok terjebak masuk team jacob je, coz this is his story (so to speak).
nong@kween said…
oh my god, there's another team?? mannnnnnnnnn