Mooning over new New Moon

Le sigh. Should I get another copy? But New Moon is not really my favourite of the four. But but but... this new cover? So pwetty! And it has an exlusive poster inside. Oohhh... should I? It will clash with the other four books, though.

Ahh.... maybe not. As I said, it'll clash with the others and I'm anal like that. Unless, the publisher has decided to change all to this movie tie-in covers, then I would probably buy it.

But so pweeeeeetty! Edward looked SO deliciously vampiric in the background.

Anyhow, I'm too engrossed with reading what I'd like to call 'the Boom Boom Pow-ed' incident that happened a day or two ago to blog properly. It's just too bizzare (and hilarious). You just Google it to see all the stuff written about it.

Team BEP all the way, though :)