I'd been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the bar

Well folks, I have land myself a job. Not the one I was expecting, but something to be had in between now and my future dream job. Until that comes along I will just sit tightly where I'm at. Thus, the search ain't over yet.

It's a temp job anyway, for three months (for now, could be extended or absorbed altogether). I'm directly reporting to the number 1, so that shouldn't be difficult. He seemed to be look like a reasonable guy, but we'll see ;-)

After all these years, this will be my first time working right smack in the middle of the city. Oh boy, I am so looking forward to that... NOT! Parking and traffic will be a lot worse. Looks like I'll have to commute to work. I wonder how fast I can get there...

My 'holiday' is coming to an end. I shall miss not having to wake up too early, not having to wonder what to wear, no need to brace through traffic, not having to think or stress about work, having more time with Mira, spend more time lazying around with my cats, do house chores as and when I like and many many more things.

Have a great weekend and a greater week ahead! :)