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I think I'm going to rant a bit. I'm in a sucky mood, probably because I'm too tired. I stood all the way in the train coming back from work. It was my choice, however. I thought it'd be fun, but alas, now I suffered backache :p

Something's bothering Mira since school reopens.

Yesterday, she came back wearing a spare short and her wet panty in a plastic bag. Today my dad said the back of her skirt, panty and socks were all wet and he's not sure if she'd pee-d herself or what. She wouldn't tell. I wondered if she had an accident in the school's transport van, without the driver knowing?

While we were lounging and watching TV after dinner, Mira complained she's in pain and showed me her right hand. Someone had cut her fingernails a tad too short it seem. I can see blood just at the tip of her fingers (yes, all five!). Mira has really short cuticles and I'm the only one who knows how to cut it without incident. Maybe all those training I had giving pedicure/manicure to my guinea pigs helped.

But I digress.

I asked what happened, who did that to her and why. Her nails weren't too long as far as I'm concern. Unfortunately, she can't give me a straight answer -- one time she'll say her teacher did it, another she'll say her Atuk did it. When I pressed further, she said her aunt did it. Sigh.

This is what happens when you push her, see. She'll close up and wont speak if pushed further.

I interrogated her for an hour and was getting really annoyed and angry. In the end I scolded her and punished her for not being able to tell me anything. Now that I've put this in writing, I sounded like a mafia. Heh.

Anyway, she's not allowed to watch any of her DVDs as a punishment (she found an old Vengaboys music videos and love to dance to it since).

I called dad to see if he knew anything. He didn't notice anything amiss but she did made a fuss when asked to wash her hands (mesti pedih kan). He thought she's just being difficult and moody; didn't think much about it.

When DH got back, I asked him to try his luck. Mira told him her teacher cut those nails. WTF?

Mira's been going there since she's 3, I haven't much problem with her other 2 teachers. I still attest to say that her EDP teacher's the best. Her PS1 teacher was ok, not great but not bad either. But her PS2 teacher is... I dunno... uninvolved?

I feel sometime she doesn't really pay any attention to her kids. Also, after 6 months I don't think she knows or understand her kids well. There aren't many in a class, fourteen at most and neither did she have to handle other classes.

She should know Mira's a bit timid and rather immature for her age; I have even spoken to her about this before, and I know those teachers discussed about their kids for background knowledge, etc. And yet she expect Mira to act like her peers. It's fine if it means you're trying to teach her to become independent, but without guidance? How would Mira know what she's supposed to be doing?

Or the deal is, she has no patience with my daughter because she's too slow for her, hence the lack of attention? Or someone's bullying Mira at school? But I'm told Mira mix well with her friends.

Mira on the other hand, won't tell me anything about school or her friends whenever I asked.

I'm really frustrated, you know. I spend so much and not getting my money worth, I feel. I send her to an established kindy chain but felt like as if I'm just sending her to a less popular one.

I am going to speak to the headmistress tomorrow morning, and the teacher if she's already in by then. If I'm not satisfied with the feedback I get, I'm thinking of pulling her out of school for the rest of the year. She can go learn how to read and count from SmartReaders or Enopi for all I care.

And when the new term begins next year, I'll send her to a smaller kindy.

Well, that's the plan.



mum2h said…
OMG...which kindy??? u tinggal somewhere around Puchong kan???
Larawannabe said…
i tinggal kat cheras. mira goes to qdees. this morning belum apa2 lagi the teacher came to me to apologize. they were checking the kids nail to prevent hfmd. she didnt realize how short it was coz mira dok tarik2 her hand. iyelah, sakit kan :p

anyhow, i've reiterated my concern. both the headmistress and the teacher have agreed to get more involved and tengok2 kan si mira tu.

maka... tak jadi lah tukar sekolah. we'll see la the progress how eh. hehe.
Anonymous said…
Ouchh!! Syian baby...

Narnia's school teacher also cut her nails, tapi so far ok, tak pernah luka.

Sakit ok... Mak plak sebak...

Btw, whenever I ask narnia about things at school, mak hardly get satisfying answer Ok. Jawap pun nak tak nak.. Bila dia penat kena tanya...

"peninglaa.. mama tanya banyak sangat"..

boleh? My angst filled 6 yrs old...
Larawannabe said…
Cik Narnia pening mama tanya banyak2? Lol.

So much for us wanting to bond and have an open relationship with our daughters, eh ;)