Let There Be Sims!

With all the 'drama of my life' in the past six months, I have totally forgotten all about The Sims 3. The new release date, which by all account from reading through all the blogs, has been postponed in the first place; went over my head. Until I saw an email from EA recently to announce that the Sims 3 was already in store earlier this week.

I immediately checked my favourite online gamers store (who also happens to be EA's official distributor in Malaysia), The Software Boutique. They have it in store. It's really here! ZOMG!

How I wish I can buy it now, though. However, I don't think my computer can take it :p

Let's look at the system requirements and what I need to upgrade in order to play this game in all its glory. Coz, you know, I can play it now but I'm sure it'll lag and such. Just like when I first tried playing The Sims 2: Seasons with my older computer systems.

Btw, why is there this vast space between this para and the table below??

Systems RequirementsWhat I have / To be upgraded
2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
1.7 GHz P4 processor. I want to upgrade this to a Dual Core. Intel or AMD? I wonder if my mainboard can accommodate this or I have to get a new mainboard, too? Huh.
1 GB RAM512 MB RAM (!!) That's pretty obvious now, innit? Lol.
At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom contentWell, I have some space to accommodate this, but I really need to get a new hdd anyway.
128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0I already have NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LE with 256 MB memory, which was listed as supported video card for this game. So, yeay!

And then, I also need to get a new monitor. This would become the bulk of the total cost of upgrades, probably. Sigh. I think by the time I get all these assembled, EA would have released the first expansion pack for Sims 3 already. Lol.