I was thinking about the chances of us getting out of here without any trouble

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The silliest thing happened to me on my way home yesterday.

Going to work by LRT is easy because we have one line going through from end to end. However, taking the train from work to home; there are two lines going through the same station -- Ampang and Sri Petaling lines.

This, I just learned. By accident.

Now, how many times have I taken the train from work to home before yesterday? Two. And both times I sat on the train that's going towards Sri Petaling, thus there's no need for me to switch to another. Well, I never knew there's a possibility of such thing to occur anyway.

Yesterday, for some unlucky reason, I took the train to Ampang. I didn't realize this at first. It went along the same route from Bandaraya towards Cheras. I did wonder though, why there were just too many people in the train with me than usual. But it was just in passing, I concluded it must be because the school's just opened and most people are back to work this week.

And you know how the conductor (or whatever you call the person who handles/drives the train?) mumbles? I really wonder if they ever announced the destination with enthusiasm at all. Do they ever? Why can't they annouce it 'Next! Station! Bandaraya!', instead of 'mumblemumbleBandamumble' in their bedroom voice?

Anyway, when we were about reached Chan Sow Lin, I heard 'Stesen Chan Sow Lin, mumble mumble mumble pertukaran mumble mumble Petaling mumble mumble platform mumble'. I wondered if I heard that right, do I have to get down or not. Normally I don't have to. What would I dooooo???

Initially, I thought of just sitting it through to see if I heard the announcement wrongly. But I was too lazy to go all the way to Ampang to find that out. Also, such a waste of time, you know? I asked the lady that sat beside me. She confirmed we're on the train bound for Ampang, and yes, I have get out of the train, like, NOW (coz we're already at the station by then).

Phew, luckily I sat closer to the door. I quickly got up to make my exit just as the door warning beeped. If not harus la ada news keluar hari ni: perempuan yang sungguh blur macam first time baru naik LRT tersepit diantara pintu LRT tersebut. Lol.

Next time, I'll pay close attention to the train's board. It is actually a hassle to take the wrong train because in this instance, 'my' train came not a few minutes after the Ampang line's. If I would have waited lah kan. I would have sat the whole way through instead of having suffered 'bau peluh ketiak' and cramped spaces.



mum2h said…

I ni selama nie baca je blog u ni senyap2 aka silent reader.

Bila baca cite salah LRT nie, it happen to me too. Masa tu pegi ambil offer letter at the new company. Then balik i terus naik train tu and sedar2 dah sampai ampang....

Duduk je diam2 dalam train tu..tunggu dia pegi balik chan sow lin..sadis sungguh
Larawannabe said…
Hi mum2h!

Ha... tu la, mula2 i ingat tak nak turun coz i wasn't sure what i heard. Tapi disebabkan semangat nak balik cepat berkobar2, tu yang tanya org sebelah tu. Hehe. Nasib baik.

Semlm i tengok betul2 train tu ampang line or sri petaling line before naik ;)