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I recieved a surprised friend request over Facebook on Sunday. It was from my BFF's ex-boyfriend. Long long long time ago boyfriend. When we were in school until the early period of our adulthood, in fact.

It's a bit moronic he wants to befriend me now because when we all parted ways (yes, me included because I was there, lol), it was not friendly. Oh, me and BFF laughed about it now. But I don't think it's something we can or want to forgive and forget.

I also got the feeling that he wanted to add me to get to my BFF. You know, so he can snoop around her profile. Not that she allows it lah kan.

What's the proper protocol for this? If it's a request from someone I don't know in real life, it's easy to just click the 'Ignore' button. But, someone like him? Do I reply with 'get lost you moron!' or flip him and then ignore PLUS block him, too?

Or just buat dunno je. I've loads of practise by now after the psychotic replacement episodes last week.

I think I'll do just that -- ignore. I'll not click the ignore button, however. So he won't be able to resend another request. Muahaha!

Speaking of which, I received an email from psychotic replacement late Friday. She said she need me to call her back, SOS on something urgent. See, if it's so urgent, why don't she just explain it in the email. I'll answer it approriately. But she didn't and thus, I deemed that as unimportant.

She even tried to call me on Sunday. But nothing for today. I hope she 'got it' at last so I can stop writing about her ;-p




mum2h said…
For me, wife of my ex nak add me.
And the worst case, she is actually my best friend that snatch him from me..

My reaction : BLOCK HER!!!!
doubleaye said…
Hehe I would do the same thing 'Ignore witout clicking the ignore button' :)
Anonymous said…
Agak horrorr... if i were you, her shadow oso i didn't want to see.. hehehe...

I'd do the same. Ignore without actually cliking the button.. heheh.. ermm.. mak cam boleh agak jek sapa.. ;)

btw, i like yr entry title... So cool..
mum2h said…
tp yg bestnye...fb dia tak private..habis i godeh gambar dia semua
Larawannabe said…
Yes Nong, the same one ;)

Btw uols, entry title yang cool ni mak pinjam dari BEP. Their new single Boom Boom Pow tu. Like so kena gitu. Hiks.