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Let's bitch about my 'replacement' today, shall we. Mak tengah annoyed giler nih.

As at this moment, I've lost count as to how many calls I've received from her these 2-3 days. I ignored ALL of them. I'm not being malicious by not answering her supposed SOS phone calls, but this is getting ridiculous. I've left the job a month ago for goodness sake!

Since then, she calls me a few times a week. The first week of June, she called on Monday and Wednesday as well I think. On that Wednesday, she called me a few times. After her third, I ignored all her following calls after that.

She called me again last week, too. I ignored that as well. This Monday, she rang a few times again. I thought she called for a friendly chat, so after the third call, I answered. You know what she said?

'Hey, Mr A is here today. Do you have anything to update him?'

Now, explain to me why should I have anything more to say or do with this Mr A? I've handed over his dossier to her on May 18, when I volunteered to come back to work to tie up some loose ends. I've tagged notes to everything in that folder for her reference.

If I remember correctly, there were a few things she should be following up on since that day. Apparently, she's done nothing because she asked me what's she supposed to do with a cheque from one of the shareholders (that she was supposed to banked-in two weeks ago!) and why are we still holding a vendor's payment.

Uh, hello? You're supposed to call the vendor, like, a month ago? -_-

I did help held her hand from the moment she started work. Mr G wanted her to pick up my work immediately as it is -- like hit the ground running *yea right!*. However, she focused too much on accounts, I don't think she bothered to pay attention or take notes on the other things she's supposed to do.

Probably because she thinks she can always run to me for 'assistance'. Sorry bitch, your boss didn't put me on a retainer to be your beck and call girl :p

On top of that, whenever she calls to ask me for things, she likes to also mentioned things that, according to her, I didn't do or didn't complete. It's like, in order to make what she's doing right, she put me down to make herself feel good.

And she likes to fib. I give you two instances.

The first that kinda make me think she's pyscho was when she called me the first time. Before that, I received a call from my loan officer who told me how he accidentally called my office eventhough I've informed him I'm no longer working there. He told the person who answered he was my boyfriend. Tahpape ok, nak cover line pun buat la cerita logik sikit.

Back to her, she told me she received a call from the 'ministry' asking about me -- asking for the reason why I left. She said she told them that I left to further my studies. Then she asked if I did report to the 'ministry' anything about my deal with the bosses.

She knew I called the 'retrenchment helpline', but I called for information and I called anonymously. Unless they have caller ID, they wouldn't have known who called. Besides, I didn't leave my name, so how would they know about me and my deal, eh? Tipu kan?

Then with this recent call she chastised me for putting her in another hot soup. Apparently she received a call from dunno-who about the offshore company accounts. The 'auditor' said I have not submitted any financial report since 2006. *gasp! ~roll eyes*

Please lah! It's a dormant company. The relevent reports have been submitted to the company secretary. They have, in turn, filed it every year. We don't pay RM6,500 to them blindly ok. What the fuck is she talking about?

Sigh. I malas dah nak melayan psycho bitch ni by this time. Because she insisted, I told her to go look for whatever info she needed in the company's file and call the company secretary to sort it out. As far as I know, the company secretary has kau-tim all financial YE submission for us.

On top of that, the other reason she called was to ask me... how do we TT money to a foreign account. Ko pegi pikir la sendiri mak enon!




doubleaye said…
OMG! Ni serious case of ghost of the past haunting you. :P
Larawannabe said…
psychotic ghost ok :p
mum2h said…
this is the last month i dengan co ni...before i join the new one.

Kat co ni..I actually HOD. I belum pergi ni pun, the 'new' one tu asyik menghantui hidup i. Kalau i tak layan dia, dia ckp kat org lain i tak buat keje tu sebelum ni. padahal dalam laptop ofis tu semua file ada..tak de satu pun yg kena delete ke apa.

Starting July ni...any phone call from her or office number or 'witheld', I nak ignored...I am not being paid anymore starting July
mum2h said…
err...i add ur link dlm blog i ye
Larawannabe said…
mum2h dearest, you have got another psychotic replacement on hand too!! lol. pls make sure u ada a copy of the handover list just in case.

masa i did my handover, this lady was so anal and she started to teach me how to do my work in turn. i had to bite my tongue to tell her 'i dont effing care'. instead i told her 'if thats what u think we should have done, then do it lah'. i think i've blogged about it too in may. hehe.

that's why i had to come back the monday after, bcoz she was too engrossed in finding fault instead of taking notes to move forward.

linking my blog? i'm so honoured u. thanks!