Uh. I'm sorry. I just hallucinated.

My sleep pattern has gone haywire! I am convinced now I am not a morning person. I have to wake up so so early (oh woe is me!) nowadays, but I'm so used to sleeping late. Like 2 or 3 A.M. late.

There are just too many things to play with to do, you know :p

So generally I'll only get about 3-4 hours of sleep. And then, I'll be zonked out by 9 P.M. and if I were to lie down, I'll be asleep in two seconds. Which is bad considering I would have just had dinner about half an hour prior. However, I'll automatically wake up at about 11-ish and won't be able to sleep again until later.


Can you believe it's already the end of my third week in the new office? So fast. Next thing I know, it'll be the end of my 3-month assignment. I haven't been seeking for any new job leads either. I don't know what to expect to tell you the truth.

This project is to be based in JB. The boss is not sure what the board has in mind of the plan and as to where the corporate office for said project will be located because... well, he is to kick off this whole thing lah kan. There is a possibility of the company moving down south, though.

When I was interviewed, he did asked if I am willing to relocate if there is a need to. I have spoken to DH about this in passing back then (like 3 weeks ago la actually, haha); he said if the terms and pay is good, why not? I am content to leave it to fate and crossing the bridge when I get there and all that.

Even my boss said we won't get there so soon, to give it another six months or more.

However, I have been asked three times already since I've started here, if I would consider following my boss if the decision is to relocate him down south (bukan Down Under ya), not by my boss per se, but by the parent company's HR.

Would you move to JB? Besides the fact that Singapore is just around the corner ;)

I've asked Hermione what she thinks, seeing she's from there. She won't be moving back anytime soon. Her fun is here in KL. But I don't go out partying often enough to miss it. Give me a computer, internet and books and I'm all set. Lol.

I'm more interested to know about the standard of living there i.e. the rent, the commute to work, the schools, the extra-curriculars, the neighbourhood; before I make my decision.

Anyhow, our Operations GM will be reporting to work next week. Hopefully the path will be clearer within the month. For all I know, the corporate office will stay put for the next 4 years while the place is being developed before relocating :p

If that is the case, it would save me from making any decision because by then, I will be better equipped to move towards my career ideals.



Anonymous said…
I always love JB (nama pun dah blaja sana 5 yrs kan). Peaceful place, warm n nice people and i heard from a friend, despite the percieved high cost of living, it isnt actually. Rumah pun murah. but hv to commute a bit. anyways, kalau jd u'll be locating to Senai kan, not JB city itself..

am with DH, kalau the pay n benefits are good, why not.
Anonymous said…
I love JB and would not have any issues moving down south (bukan down under k) if need be.

and the houses there now banyak cantik cantik..

Muah muahs beb!
Larawannabe said…
Nong: yup, senai. close to jb or wat? mak fail geog uols. hehe.

MC: i'm trying to see how much rent cost kat sana. mati la if kena pay high rent + pay our current loan sekali kan.

owh. dilemmaaaaa. but but, i think we still have at least 6 mths to deliberate