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Wow. We're right in the middle aren't we? Mid of the month as well as in middle of the year. I remembered scrambling around to look for a job two weeks ago. And now, a week has passed since I started in this new company.

It's been a stress-free week last week. I have started to take the LRT to work since Thursday and kinda love the hassle-free commute. And it's rather quick, too. The journey from one train station to another only took 15 minutes.

If I leave the office at half past five sharp, I can be home in an hour or less (depending on how fast I walk from door to door as well as the traffic back home).

Now, the journey it takes from home to work is a little bit longer because of the traffic. But at least, I know I'll reach office in 15 minutes from the time I board the train ;)

This morning I was late, though, but it was expected (school reopens and all). The jam queue started as soon as I dropped Mira off at school. Sigh. Think we need to get out half an hour earlier tomorrow or at least, before 7:30AM, to make some time for me to drive through the morning traffic. Kesian Mira kena bangun awal.

Alright, back to work. Have a great week ahead :)