Using someone else's shower will annoy them

Yesterday was my first day at the new work place. Nothing much to be done other than filling up forms, organizing the office, et al. It's a new division by itself, so there's a lot of setting up to do.

Today, I'm helping out my boss to write a budget proposal. Probably I shouldn't have told him how I like to write in the first place. Lol. Not helping too; my brain refuse to cooperate with me today.

I'm sooooo sleepy. I should start getting to bed earlier then I'm used.

Something's wrong with my N82 speakers. I think the top one needs to be serviced or something, it has stopped functioning. Thus, I can't really hear the timid alarm sound from the clock. Before I went to bed last night, I changed it to play Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys. Now that got me woken up real quick this morning. Haha.

I brought food from home for lunch today. Just sandwich. Yesterday, I went for a short walk to Sogo and bought kebab for lunch. The folks here buy theirs from the hawker stalls downstairs and eat it at the pantry. I'm not much for that as there aren't many choice -- rice, rice and more rice. I'd rather sit at my place quietly.

It helps that I'm very much alone at my corner ;)

Ok, back to work. Other than the proposal, I also have to draft a new appointment announcement letter for him *oh joy!*