Day 2 Update

  1. We were 10 minutes late today, going out of the house that is; and the traffic was heavier compared to yesterday. What gives? Luckily, I managed to get the same parking spot. However, someone parked too close to me that I had difficulty getting out of it later in the afternoon. Apakah?
  2. The first part of Mira's "independent license" dry run ran as smoothly as expected. She took her bag to her classroom, took out her story book and sat with her other classmates to wait for the bell. Just before the bell rang, though, she got up and moved to the back. She seemed to like lagging behind instead of being right infront. Why is that?
  3. Today's recess time, she went out with a few of her friends but still prefers to mind her own business i.e. picking up a spot by her own instead of joining people she knows. She left her water bottle at the table, then went to buy a plate of nasi lemak. After a while, she asked me if she can buy herself a bottle of Solivite. I assisted her today, but tomorrow... she'll be on her own.
  4. Oh, they kinda have a 2nd assembly after break. A short one. The hall is where they convene before going back to their classes.
  5. The rest of the day went by without much incident. I heard them recite their ABCs, sang song, drew something. She told me later that one teacher read them a story book. 
  6. At the end of her school day, I showed her where she should be waiting for me tomorrow onwards. I'll remind her again tomorrow morning.
  7. She told me her teacher's name. She can't pronounce it right, though. Hehe. Anak mak kan still pelat sikit. She also finds it fascinating that all her friends are girls. 
  8. And she forgot to bring back her story book. Pandai pulak kata tertinggal "under the table in my class". Ecewah!
  9. Tomorrow will be the last day for me to hand-hold her through school. I find I'm unwilling to let go yet. However, there's not much choice as I've to return back to work on Thursday. Sigh.
  10. I trust she'll be alright... and pray semoga Allah will help permudahkan all her urusan everyday.