End of Day 3

We were late this morning. Har har. Reached school just as the bell rang. Gilers. I was leka, didn't realize it was already half past six. By the time we hit the main road, it was already seven and the traffic was bad -- as bad as the 8 AM traffic. I decided to use SMART because I doubt we'll make it in 30 minutes.

Another lesson learned. Nyehnyeh.

Today, the plan is to let her handle everything herself while I observe from a far. A lot of parents had the same idea, it was quite amusing to see a pack of us hiding behind pillars especially during recess, stalking our kids. But because we're late, I couldn't do it from the get go -- I waited for her at the side to hold her bag for her while she goes to assembly. However, when I passed her the bag, I specifically told her I won't be around to wait for her.

She appeared nonchalance about it but later I saw her trying to check if I'm at the hall. She sits right by the door and can see the hall as well as the canteen from her table in class. After a while, she stopped checking and just concentrated in doing class activities ;-)

During recess, I saw her came out from her class with her classmates but kinda 'lost sight' of her along the way. Took me a while to spot her sitting at the canteen table, already bought her food, sitting with a friend. Lega uols! The kids are starting to mix around and making friends.

Once she's finished, she got up to put the plate into a tub and went to wash her hands. And then I lost sight of her again. Later I found out they went back to class to store away their water bottles before heading back to the hall to wait for the bell to ring.

At the end of the school day, I saw her walked out to the hall with another friend. I didn't move from my hiding spot at first as the deal was for her to wait for me at the hall, until I saw she let her friend pull her trolley bag for her. Adoi! I went over to them quickly, kot-kot parents budak tu nampak and suspect anak mak bully anak theyols pulak kan. I asked Mira why she did that. She said her friend likes her bag and wanted to play with it, tu yang tolong pull the bag for her tu. Said friend has the same Barbie bag but without the trolley thingy.

Macam-macam hal.

Oh, and while walking towards the hall exit, she wanted to buy something from the tuck shop. I followed her there; she bought herself a packet drink.

If I ask her what are her new friends' name, she still couldn't remember them. She also couldn't recognize them outside of classroom -- like, while walking out to our car we met a few of her mates and they said 'hi / bye' to her, dia buat blur-blur sotong tak kenal siapa orang tu pulak. Tahpape ;-p

I exchanged phone numbers with two other moms of her classmates today. I thought of getting the numbers from her teachers too, but maybe later lah. Once they've all settled in and normal class schedule in place. I'll go meet them then.

And I think I wanna let her take the Art Class. I thought of sending her to one in the evenings nearby our home, but as the school has one, might as well. The class starts in February we're told... waiting for the teacher to distribute the forms.

Btw, why do they call it 'ko-ko' when the full spelling is 'ko-kurrikulum'?

Can't believe my baby has grown up. I can see how she matures these 3 days, it was so ketara ok. Sigh.

They grow up so fast, don't they?



Anonymous said…
they do. le sigh.

Insya Allah, mira will be fine.
Larawannabe said…
Thanks, babe! xoxo