You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?

Like I'd passed posting an entry on 1.1.11? I sent a new year wishes text to IggySingh, timed it so it'll reach her at 1:11pm but alas, it was 3 minutes early on her clock.

New year, huh? My only resolution would be to wear my bling ring everyday without fail. This is a somewhat promise I made with IggySingh and something I intend to keep ;-)

Yesterday, I completed all the back-to-school chores; from sewing Mira's name tag to ironing the badge (nasib iron-on je, kalau jahit sure nangis), to ironing all her uniforms for the whole week. From wrapping all the school books to packing all the needful in her bag for Monday. I've even cleaned up her school shoes, the new water bottle and lunch box.

All ready for Monday. I'm very excited about it for some reason. Even having to drive out at 6am part. Probably it's because Cin gave a Starbucks tumbler for me to bring along coffee in the car. Something new for moi, too. Woot!

Tomorrow, we shall drop by the supermarkets to buy some provisions, mainly things to fill the lunch box with.



Anonymous said…
OMG. mak kena jahit. sadis ok!! mmg rase cam naik hangin. sib baik her KAFA badge iron on jek..

memula mak ingat nak hantar tailor.. tapi bila pikir2 cost tu mak boleh beli bende2 lain.. jahit je la sendiri..
Larawannabe said…
Mahal ke just to jahit badge? One uniform ni I had to redo the nametag thingy 3 kali ok. Rasa nak give up je. LOL. Salah placing la, senget la, terkebawah la. Adeh.