School prepares you for the real world, which also sucks.

Mira's class is somewhere over there.
We woke up at 5 AM today. While I prepare for her lunch box, she took her bath and dress for school. We took turns.

After Subuh, we left home to start our journey to school -- me with a tumbler of coffee, she with a packet of Milo. The traffic at fifteen past six wasn't that bad. There were a lot of cars already on the road, but the traffic was moving. I remembered those times my dad took me to school when I was little. We've to leave that early as well and that was in the early 80s. Some things never change.

I seemed to have also come full circle :-)

It took us half an hour to reach the area. I thought we were early, but alas, there were people that came so much earlier than us. I had to park at the road side towards the exit instead of, say, the handful of parking bays in front of SJI at least. But we're still lucky not to have to walk so much further like some who came ten minutes after us. Limited parking space for close to 200 pupils starting their 1st year in Primary school uols. Madness!

When we got there, I wasn't sure if she should go to her class according to the one she was assigned to last week or wait until they call out her name during assembly. Turned out, the kids will stick to the same class until further notice. "Further notice" being either in a week's time or a month... depending on which parents you talk to. Hehe.

The bell rang at half past seven. There was a bit of commotion when the year 1 pupil do not know which line they should be in. It was rather amusing to watch. Ada yang main join je, silap kelas and all. After that sorted out, they started their assembly with the usuals.

Seriously, mak rasa macam nak shake each one of them to wake up coz they were so... tak segar ok. Like no energy at all. Nyanyi macam tak makan sebulan, wish 'selamat pagi' in a sing song voice. Rimas mak! If Mrs Abraham was there, she would make them sit up straight, sing with gusto and no sing-songing wishes allowed.

But I digress. Haha!

We were also introduced to the new headmistress (the last retired last year). They adjourned to their classes half an hour later.

Mira seemed to have settled well in her new environment. We're all worried, especially her Atuk. Tiap-tiap hari bagi pep talk -- you have to be strong, don't be afraid, speak up, look up at your teacher, etc.

At first I saw her sitting in the front row of the middle table clusters. Later she moved behind closer to the door, but smart enough to sit facing the blackboard. Each cluster can sit 6, there were only 4 of them there. I'm not sure why she moved. I wish she had stayed where she was because...

Majority of the time? She sibuk berborak dengan kawan. Adoila. I had to keep reminding her to pay attention to the teacher. Dah la ramai orang hari ni, so you can't really hear what the teacher was saying in front. And when you sat further away, at the corner pulak tu, you tend to escape her attention la kan. At least, if she sits in front dia tak de la main-main sangat :-p

After a while, the teacher brought them some where. Possibly to the Pusat Sumber or the library perhaps? They took all the year 1 students away from the class rooms for quite some time. Then later I saw them gave a tour of the school's ground i.e. the canteen, the toilets, the field (which was small compared to my alma mater... but then we know what happened to THAT!), etc.

School 1 got to go for recess first. School 2 half an hour later. Like I mentioned earlier, I packed her a lunch box with PBJ sandwiches, a muffin and some fruits. But ada ke dia makan? Nan ado uols. She went there with her friends ahead of me and I saw them already planning to buy something. She can't decide whether she wanted to have the mee soup or nasi lemak. I kinda forced her to take the nasi lemak because soup-soup ni tumpah karang, masak.

The lunch box was set aside, untouched. So I guess, no need la mak menyusahkan diri pack lunch box lagi?

The ball rang and they all went to the 'hall' for another assembly. Actually, Mira and a few friends went to class but was instructed by the prefects to go to the hall. Prefects dia garang okeh! Haha!

I wondered if this is the usual or just for Mondays. Two assemblies in a day? We shall find out tomorrow.

Anyway, the year 1 kids had to stay back for the teachers to show them the proper way to line up and where they're supposed to stand according to their classes. See, the kids tend to berbaris in a single line and berderet-deret panjang depa beratur. LOL. They were also reminded (probably for the parents benefit, coz like, as if the kids will remember) that they're supposed to be in school by fifteen past seven, leave their bags in class, take a story book with them to the hall to read while they wait for the bell to ring.

So yeah, everyone has to have a story book to read for 10-20 minutes before the bell. This reminded me of Mira's kindy, where for half an hour each morning they've reading exercises. I've asked Mira to choose a book; she picked Peter & Jane.

Her day ended at five minutes to one today. I was queuing at the bookshop to buy a few items when they were let off. Maybe she wasn't sure what to do (the last time, masa orientation tu, she pandai-pandai leave the class to wait for me at the canteen without me knowing about it. Seriau kejap, anak hilang dalam sekolah) because the last time I scolded her to wait for me until I come to pick her up and lookie lookie... that guy (from previous entry) took her under his care, came looking for me.

Oh, yeah I tegur him first. Konon tak ingat sapa ai. Tak kuasa taww ;-p

We left soon after. I'm knackered tahap tak boleh tolong lagi dah. And it looked like it's going to rain, which it did.

Sleepy time now, early rise tomorrow for another adventure to be had!