Spoilt To The Bone!

You hardly remembered anyone else's birthday. And yet you expect others to remember yours by not so subtle hints i.e. asking them directly in-your-face sorta way or hounding them via text messages.

You expect to be given gifts, expecting it to be something expensive and special. If the response you get are not what you want, you'll start whining and whinging to those who'd listen.

And I, for some sheer dumb luck, are now being given the task to get you one. A special gift for oh-the-poor-little-lamb who's having a tough time coping with what life has to offer (which I believe, is your own doing for fuck sake!).

When truth be told, I couldn't be arsed about what you want and really, the only thing that I can think of getting for you is a box of chocolate. Nothing more, nothing less.

And then *I*, was also being told to call you tomorrow to wish you a happy birthday. When *you* have never bothered to wish me for many many years (I'm not even sure you know of my birth date), neither did you remember 'his' until I came over bearing gifts, food and a cake.

So fuck off, you little brat!


amreeth said…
this got only ONE solution!
slow boat to China with no food. and can we tumpang Sharon sama??