Angry Bee

We just got back from watching the Bee Movie at GSC Mid Valley. Yup. Just that and lunch at Carl's Jr and then we head HOME!

If it's even possible we'll be home right after we stepped out from our apartment door! What is the matter with you!!!???

But I digress.

The movie was bleh. You'll just soon forget about it. After the Simpsons and Ratatouille, this was nothing more but a cartoon. Some of the jokes are funny. But mostly, the movie was mediocre.

It was just about a bee, who wanted to be something more than just a drone. Hmmm... let's see. Haven't we seen something like that before? Oh yes! A Bug's Life and Antz! Yup, that but change the hero-ant protagonist to a bee, you'll get Bee Movie :p

Oh, and he's suing the humans for using bees to steal honey for money. "That was it?", was my exact thought after he won the case (eh, sorry for spoiling it for you. muahaha! but I'm not in the mood to be nice today).

The kids might like it though. The colours used in the movie was vibrant and er.. colourful. But adults, please stay away. You may just wanna wait for the DVDs instead (pirated or not :p).

Right. Next, is Carl's Jr. Their new restaurant in Mid Valley just opened today. I've been waiting for it with anticipation. I remembered their juicy charbroiled burgers filled with ooey-gooey cheese. Yummy!

So naturally, when I saw it has now open it's door for business, I excitedly dragged everyone, amidst kicking and screaming and 'Lets go home' mantras, to have lunch there. I ordered the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger and DH had Portobello Mushroom Burger. Mira just wants the chips.

I was sorely disappointed.

My beef patty was dry. Nothing in my burger gives me that 'OMG, I'm in heaven' feeling when I sink my teeth into it. Nothing! Na-da! It's just, teeth meet burger and followed by a stiff handshake and they're on their separate way.

The whole experience was not worth the RM23 I paid for. Burger King has much much better burgers and its wayyyyy cheaper! For the amount I paid, I'd rather have the sandwiches in Chili's or All Star's Cafe.

Sigh. Such a fucked up day. Two blehs in a span of 2 hours is not good for the soul.

So you see, the moment a certain some one use his 'lets go home' mantra again, when the plan was to go check out The Gardens after the movie and all, I just see red. I'm SO annoyed and royally pissed off.

Still am!


amreeth said…
oh ohhhh dear!
at least we KNOW that BK will continue to be our usual???
hugs xxx
Larawannabe said…
bet on it girlfriend. muahaha!
Gallivanter said…
I watched it too, nothing to shout about at all. Can definitely SKIP Bee Movie. Preferred STARDUST but it's not a million miles better either...
wawa said…
oh no wonder no sms telling me to watch the movie eh.

but am gonna watch it anyway i guess.

for the sake of umar and the father.

Larawannabe said…
Gallivanter: You're right. I enjoyed Stardust more. And coz I'm a fantasy fan, I love it! LOL.

Wawa: It's not bad, just mediocre. Kids may like it coz of it's vibrant colours. Altho, Mira tak berapa minat with the movie either judging by how restless she was. Tapi anak mak tu suka action adventure, so cannot say la kan. Haha.