I woke up with a headache this morning. The dream I had was all fantastic at the beginning (something about my family; that being my dad, my late mom, Kim and I, go for a family holiday), but towards the end it became rather intense.

I was looking for a file in my room. I couldn't find it. My parents was about to leave to go some where, I wanted to hitch a ride from them to this meeting place. I searched and I searched but it was no where to be found. I started to think hard where I could have placed it and tried to remember where I last seen it.

I just had to force myself to wake up. If it's even possible, my brain hurts :-p

I had a bad week at work. Although it ended on a high note on Friday, but I had to 'suffer' through the week anyhow. There's no use pointing fingers, really. I suspect each of us played our part to come to that point. It just cascaded down from the top -- the instigator, the starting point. If you're late in completing your portion, would it still be our fault if the end result doesn't come as it should?

That's the mystery of the universe for you. But for me, the next time, I'll trust my instinct, thank you very much. Save me the trouble of heartache and headache.

How I survived with my sanity intact? Eating lots of chocolates. Cadbury's Caramello (hey look, it has its own Wiki!) is my friendly source of comfort. It is as good as Prozac I reckon. Hehe.

Transformers video is on sale now. I haven't bought the DVD yet though. I wanted to, but I couldn't decide which one I should buy -- the single disc or double disc? In the end, DH suggest we get the VCD instead. It's cheaper, he said.

But alas, the quality? It's not even the widescreen version. Meh. I'm so unsatisfied with it. I'm going to get the two-disc dvd later, and give the vcd version to Kim.

You know what would be better to watch the Transformers on though? Widescreen TV! ;-) Yes, darling, I'm looking at you!



Wawa said…
we have the dvd already.

i dunno which one did the hudband bought, the single disc or the double disc..but i guess the double-disk since he said he haven't watch the other one.

yeah, go buy a widescreen tv (or monitor).

memang cantik!
Larawannabe said…
tu la dia nye, i should hv just bought the 2-disc version. huhu.

been looking for a good deal widescreen lcd monitor from dell. haritu ada, but terlepas pulak. if i can't hv widescreen tv so soon, ni pun jadi dulu la kan. haha.