It Will Be A Sinful Friday

Mira's kindy extended their school term by a week in order to replace the additional holidays they took during Raya. Hence, the year end Parents / Teacher meeting has been pushed to tomorrow. My session with her teacher will be at about 9am, but I've decided to take the whole day off anyway.

Which is a good thing because Sue took the half day off as well to accommodate our movie date. There're only two slots for this particular movie we wanted to watch tomorrow. We'll be heading to Mid Valley for our usual dose of movie, Burger King and a little bit of shopping. I am planning to drag her to The Gardens to go for a look-see.

We're going to watch Om Shanti Om. Now, I don't think you need ten reasons to see the latest Shahrukh Khan flick. There's only one ultimate reason... just watch!

The man is 42 y'all! I am just going to allow myself to enjoy 'everything'! Hopefully my mind can stay focus on the storyline though. Lol!

Mrs SRK is one lucky lady ;)