Meaning: To complain habitually. I don't complain much, do I?

Have you ever felt bored to the point of getting sick? Like, nauseous kind of sick. I am experiencing it now. Hmmm... perhaps it's not as much as feeling bored but having this feeling of gloom or foreboding. It's like I'm waiting for something to happen, but it's not happening as fast as I wish it could.

And this post is going to be as random as I allow it to be.

Om Shanti Om was not bad. You couldn't have anticipated the drama that was about to unfold by just watching the first half an hour or so of the movie. At first I thought it was of the usual romantic-comedy genre, with Shah Rukh Khan's silly acting and fallen madly in love with the heroine et al. But towards the end, it turned into quite a spooky film.

The main plot was about reincarnation, revenge and ghosts of the past. That's all I'm revealing here. I had written the whole storyline but I thought I'd better not spoil it for you. Lol.

I only just discovered via this blogger that this month is NaBloPoMo. Nablop-what? It's National (why not make it international, I wonder) Blog Posting Month challenge, where you post everyday for the month of November. Something akin to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

You may win a prize too while you're at it.

So many things happening in the month of November, eh? What about October? December? March? July? Why specifically November?

You know what my deepest, probably darkest, desire is? Well, other than marrying Daniel Radcliffe that is, but that's besides the point; is to quit my job, be a soccer-mom (now, if I only have a girl and the only ferrying around I'll ever do is sending her off to ballet classes, wouldn't I become a dancer-mom instead?) and have all the time in the world to read and write vigorously!

I also wish I won a hefty lottery beforehand, so we don't have to worry about money. But that's never going to happen lah kan, because to win one, you have to buy a ticket first, innit? Lol!

I can't believe it took me two hours to come to this point in my entry. I've been sidetracked so many times. I don't understand why people would call in during lunch time, when everybody in this office goes out to have their lunch. What is the purpose of calling anyway. Couldn't they wait until after 2pm? Absurd, some people are.

Yesterday, DH informed me that he won two tickets to watch The Golden Compass premiere at GSC Pavilion on the 5th December from Maybank2U. He was surprised with his win because he's never use their service before. *snicker*

I'm dragging my movie-buddy Sue with me for this. I'm half way through the book, loving it so far. You think I can finish it before next Wednesday? Let's hope so.

On the other hand, I've been trying my luck to ask DH for a Coach wristlet. It's our wedding anniversary next week, is it not, thus one has to be proactive about gifts. Lol! But he kept asking me to wait. I think he's got something up his sleeves. He's not telling, but I think I know what it is.

Have you seen my new sparkly acquisition yet?

I have so many rings but I hardly wear them. Buying them was fun, but wearing them was a hassle. I hardly wear my wedding ring because to tell you the truth, I HATE IT! I don't know what came over me allowing DH to choose one for me.

Turned out the ring was pure gold. I traded most of my rings (the ones with stones doesn't have much value in them) except my engagement ring (I love that one) and managed to get quite a sum. I've always wanted a white gold diamond ring, but alas, my dream ring costs a fortune. I've decided upon a simple band with diamonds around it, also known as eternity ring.

I've set my mind on a simple one, but that costs much lesser than the value of my trade-in gold. The sales person showed me a more stunning one and with an imaginary slap on my head by Sue (coz I swear she would have done it as I was hesitating), I bought it.

And I've fallen in love with it ever since. It's beautiful y'all.

Le sigh.

I started writing this entry at about quarter to one. Only managed to finish it three hours later.

I use 'Lol' so much these days, it's scaring me off. I not only use it here, but when I'm having a conversation in my head as well. Instead of laughing, I 'Lol'-ed.




nong@kween said…
Woohoo.. I love, love, this entry.

Coach wristlet? go for it... ;) If DH gets it for you, EVEN BETTER...

And yes, yr new bling is TDF!! Tapi ring itu agak2 boleh dpt 1 LV bag already :D

Ahemm.. who's been using her DH's account to do transaction via M2U.. sneaky, sneaky...
wawa said…
wahhhhh panjangnya.

must have lotsa things in your mind eh?

doubleaye said…
I love this entry too!! Very candid!
Anonymous said…
huhuhu your bling memang bling, u ols!! hehehe noticed how i didn't wanna let go of your hand when we salam-ed? hehehe

ooh, dun let GA know abt your sneaky m2u transactions.. he vows to get the hubbies together - sort of like a wife tribunal.. sez we're all such a sneaky bunch.. muahahahahaha!!

Larawannabe said…
Nong: now that you've mentioned it... omg! i could have bought the bag!! lol.

Wawa: i should have blog more often kan, instead of once a week :p

Doubleaye: aww... thanks. glad you like it, worth the 3 hours it took ;)

MC: please! lets not get them together. lol. dh is still a rookie in this area. but if ga think we're sneaking, merry's sneakier uols! lolololol!