November Rain


Did it rain Friday night? No.

Saturday morning perhaps? It'd be nice to sleep-in. Nope.

What about Saturday night? Not at all.

Then why is it raining tonight? When tomorrow is Monday and we can't be sleeping in cozying up in our sheets to this cool weather?

The weather is CRUEL!!


Spice Girls Comeback

Their new single, Headlines (Friendship Never Ends), is kinda growing on me. I would prefer it if they come out with a catchy pop song, instead of a ballad. They're in their 30s y'all, not 50s. Thus, I don't really understand why do they come out with a slow song for. They exit the scene last with another ballad if you can remember, which was Goodbye.

The video? Colour me unimpressed! I cannot see the correlation between the vids and the single. Although yes, a song and it's music video doesn't have to correspond, but I've seen better one made. This (the Spice Girls one) is crap. The editing sucks too.

See for your self lah.

The beginning reminded me of their Goodbye video, really.

What's with the lingerie, ladies?

Geri? Nice abs ;-)

What IS Victoria trying to do with her hair?

Mel C? I now understand your reluctance to return back to the group. But it's been known you're the lifesaver of the group. Without you, what do they have left? :-p


nong@kween said…
Yeah, what's up with the skimpy outfit n the lingerie????????
amreeth said…
i am finally sitting on "top" of my FB addiction and am visiting Blogs!
hugs xxx