Salagadoola Mechicka Boola Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Wafi is back after staying a month with his paternal grand parents. I've appointed myself his Fairy Godmother, seeing that I'm given the task to coach my sister Kim on the finer arts of parenting. Har har!

My first duty was to give him his morning bath.

I must say, after nearly four years since I last care for a babe, I'm a little rusty. How do we give a proper bath to a baby again? I don't remember us using a baby bathtub with Mira and it worked well for us. But some how today with Wafi, I was a bit clumsy with my ministration. It felt all out of sorts, really.

I helped mind him while Kim do her stuff and ate. I took him outdoors to enjoy the morning sun. After a while, he fell into slumber. It appears as if all he does is sleep. LOL! I don't remember Mira sleeping this much.

And speaking of Mira, everything about Wafi amuses her. When he cries, she gets excited. When he's having his milk, she also wants one. When we let him lie on his mat, she wants to do the same as well. The funny thing happened yesterday. When she saw Kim cradle Wafi, she came to me asking me to cradle her just like Wafi.

She's now our big baby. LOL!

My big baby will be four years old in four months time. Sigh. I've recently confirmed her enrollment to Pre-School Year 1 with her current kindergarten. Soon, we will have to decide where to send her to school. Before we know it, she'll be in Primary 1. Yikes!

We've narrowed it down to two primary schools nearby where we live.

In the mean time, I'm just going to enjoy spending whatever time I have with her -- cozying up watching tv shows together, singing together, window shopping together, driving around aimlessly together. Or just observing her antics, which always makes me smile.


amreeth said…
awwww ;) too sweet lah M.
and THANK GOD YOU THERE for Wafi kan???
Anonymous said…
huhu, tell me about it.. by the time we realized it, they dah jadi those mak daras already. as it is pun she already a bit like mak nenek. hehehe ayoyoyo..

cant wait to go home and do silly stuffs with my cik kak myra..