What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You?

You Are a Double Espresso

Hey Energizer Bunny Girl! Do you ever slow down?
You're a mix of high energy and ambition, perfectly matched with strong espresso
When you want something you get it - by any means possible
You're driven, determined, and no nonsense. Which is just how you like your java.

Got this from Wawa's blog.

Hmmm... Energizer Bunny girl? I'm feeling like a snail at the moment *roll eyes* However, the 'will get something by any possible means' rings true when I'm on form.

Which at the moment, am so totally not :p

Will be going off for a movie date with Sue this evening. We're watching Stardust. I wanted to watch The Bourne Ultimatum while Sue wants to watch Shah Rukh Khan's latest flick Om Shanti Om. But neither has a show that suits our movie time.

So, Stardust it is.