I think this is cute,
[Miranda pulls a chain of condoms out of her diaper bag]

Samantha: Oh, honey, isn't the baby birth control enough?
Miranda: They're Steve's. And Debbie's, his new girlfriend, that's her name. Debbie.
Carrie: Where are they doing it, Gymboree?
Samantha: Debbie does daycare.

[Brady picks up the condoms and puts them in his mouth. Charlotte is horrified.]

Samantha: Oh, honey, relax. I have those in my mouth all the time.

And this one, too.

Look! Eva Longoria has tattoo-ed her wedding date on her wrist. [Source]

Maybe I should do one too. I always forget our wedding date and this will help me remember. Lol! What I find amusing, is that DH remember the exact date though, the darlings. I had to check with him and I think the tatt will look like this...


Nice, eh? You can convert numbers to romans here.

Woah, I just realize Beckham's England jersey number is 7. Hmmm... Harry Potter's Quidditch jersey number is 7, too. Shouldn't be hard to remember now, eh?

Here is a verse I came across reading through Philip Pullman's Northern Lights (aka The Golden Compass);
"That's the duty of the old," said the Librarian, '"to be anxious on behalf of the young. And the duty of the young is to scorn the anxiety of the old." [Ch. 2 The Idea of North, pg.33, UK version]
So true, so true.

There's a story in my head that is begging to be told. I can feel it! Like it's constantly at the back of my head. I couldn't grasp the solid idea yet because I couldn't give it enough time for it to surface. However, it is making my head feel numb.

How now?



Anonymous said…
hehe! hilarious joke!! hehehe penat gelaks..

my anniversary is: 1 Feb 2003 so adakah: I II MMIIII

Larawannabe said…
lol mc, yours look like a barcode. so many I's