Leap and Bounce

Owh. As if I'm letting this day go without an entry? Afraid not :p

Just got home from meeting Su. No movies tonight as we couldn't find anything interesting to watch. We went shopping instead. She's in a quest to find for the perfect pair of trousers whilst I had a few things to get on my shopping list.

But I have to prioritize. There's the Bali trip coming up next month, need to save some spending money. So it was either a pair of shoes, a new wallet or a handbag.

I can still live with my current wallet and I think my current handbag can still hold itself together for another month or two. Lol. But shoes I need. I like wearing flats and the only pair I have that is suitable to be worn to work was my gold ballet shoe.

I checked out Vincci but didn't see anything I like. We went into Crocs, tried a few shoes and I came out with my first pair of Crocs. I bought this, in cotton candy. It's pretty comfortable and doesn't look too casual to be worn to the office.

We went to Braun Buffel next as I wanted to check out if I can afford their new Avril long wallet I really liked. Well, I left the boutique empty handed because even after discounts the wallet is a little too pricey to be purchased today. I'm KIV-ing it for after I came back from my trip.

After leaving M&S we went into Gap Kids where I bought a few shirts for Mira and my nephew Wafi. Unfortunately, Wafi was not home when I brought back his loot. He's staying overnight at his paternal grandparents'. So we can't see him try the shirts on.

Before we head home we stopped by Jusco Supermarket for some groceries. There was another cashier counter debacle -- not by us but by the person in front of us. The nuisance! Two weeks ago, we had to wait for this silly woman to go renew her member card because she wanted to collect her points. Su and I gave the cashier grief because she allowed it in the first place.

And tonight, the problem was with this pregnant lady, by her getting on the Express lane when she had a trolley full of stuff and by insisting the cashier recheck the price on one of her items (RM1 difference for godsake!) and then flashing her credit card when she was at a 'Cash Only' counter.


Su have decided, the next time we're only going to wait for 2 minutes before moving on to the next available cashier.

Now I'm off to bed to enjoy the rainy cool weather :)