Weekend Snapshot # 5

I can't remember much what happened on Friday. How odd. And it rained the whole day on Saturday; it was so nice to stay in and watch movies, read, take a long nap. We've all become such lazy bums that day.

Sunday brought a new promise -- clear blue sky. After reading rave reviews from Nong and Nora on their visits to Bagan Lalang (now known as Sepang Gold Coast y'all), I dragged DH and Mira for a drive.

As we have no idea where exactly is the place, I googled for a map and found this. Believe me people, the last stretch is not that short. Lol. I was the one driving and even I have to asked 'are we there yet?' to myself. It just goes on and on and on!

Anyway, we should have taken the route to KLIA directly from Kajang SILK highway, but instead I went through Putrajaya and wasted some time there. It suddenly rained when we were in Putrajaya and I was a little bit pensive it'll rain over at the beach too. However, the weather was clear and sunny, thank God.

Half way through Sepang Town, we had to turn back towards KLIA for petrol as we couldn't see any petrol station along the way (not even a signboard of it!). Better be safe than stranded in nowhere. Thus all-in-all, we spend more than 1½ hours just to get there. It was closed to 7 PM. But we managed to catch the sunset :)

We also played by the water's edge for a while. I enjoyed the slow breeze and watching Mira observing the tiny crabs on the beach.

We'll come back again soon. The next time we'll be more 'equipped' and to spend more time there than the measely 20 minutes we had today. And perhaps, we'll have seafood for dinner, too. This time however, DH opted to have Satay Kajang instead :p

I had a lovely Sunday this week. Le sigh. More photos from this set can be found here.

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Wawa said…
oh shoot.

you make me crave for sate kajang.
amreeth said…
wowwwwwwwwwww. looks divine :) and M must have loved the e.n.t.i.r.e. car ride there and back kan?