Daily Breakfast - New Obsession

My real motivation for coming to work early every morning...

Sausage McMuffin with (stale) coffee, but I'm not complaining. For only RM4.20 (after tax). My weekday mornings has never been the same again.



Wawa said…
eh, i thought u are on a plan to prepare for ur own breakfast, or something like that?

ke dah salah orang nih?

endroo G said…
the McMuffin is not bad at all. At least the bread is tastier.
Larawannabe said…
wawa i used to have salad for lunch, but then jadi malas. hehe. i buy a loaf of bread and eat that instead. lepas tu berat badan membelon without care!

endroo g yea, i like the muffin they use a lot. hehe.