Death, Not By Chocolate

Yeah, the title for this blog entry is a bit off. Just using something less macabre with what I'm about to write. I'd like to document this, though.

Yesterday morning, my uncle, Pak Teh, passed away. I took the day off for the funeral and to give support to Dad.

According to Dad, heart attack was the cause of death. Earlier this year, he had undergone an angioplasty surgery at IJN. Strangely, I didn't know about this, I could have visited.

There's a lot of things I do not know, y'know. Pffttt! Some time, my Dad won't bother me with these details because he thinks I don't need to know. BUT... when there's a wedding, he'll forced me to attend on his behalf. He won't go, but he'll force me or Kim to go instead. Eventhough I don't want to :p

Sigh. But I digress.

Later in the evening, DH received news that one of his childhood friends passed away of heart attack, too. The friend was only in his late thirties. DH is worried of his health I think, because just recently he's been told he's blood pressure is pretty high.

But I reckon he's not SO worried lah looking at how he still act and eats the same. Worry today, tomorrow is a different story. Typical isn't it?

I think we need to go for a full medical check up plus looking at how to lead a healthier lifestyle.