The Death of Sub Rosa Society

Sub Rosa Society was my Fighters' Club gang's name in Facebook. I built it from ground up; from choosing the name (which literally means Secret Society), our logos, recruiting members who are mostly personal friends, setting up the group page and lobbying for alliances with other gangs.

And eventhough we were small (with only 7 members), we're rather tough. You will not win easy, we will fight until the very end with our skilled sniping and jumping ;)

But alas, I had to disband it last Friday.

It was a difficult decision but one I had to make. I hardly could spend as much time online (yup, the 3am-thing) as I used to for the past two months. When my gang members were under attack recently I couldn't be there to support them.

Luckily, they won most of the fights. I supposed the amount of hard work I put in previously, somewhat paid off.

I am bound to join another gang soon -- one of our allies. I have been made group Admin and Ally Leader before the so-called merger (I think most of us will join them as they're our strongest supporters and vice versa) and I shall just resume the job from then on. Right now, I'm just waiting for the others to leave the gang before I terminate it.

I shall be the last to leave.

Goodbye SRS. It's been fun :)