How Meal Planning Saved My Marketing

by Cristina Favreau

“What do I make for supper tonight?” Ah, the eternal, daily question. It’s so discouraging to have to wake up in the morning and think about so many hours ahead. One day, I decided to fight back and never ask that question again. How? Meal planning. So that Saturday afternoon, I sat down at the kitchen table with my recipe books, calendar, pad and paper, and I planned our meals for the entire week — recipe book page numbers, side dishes and all! From that plan, I was able to create my entire grocery list for the next day.

I can’t quite put my finger on my exact feelings that week, but it was a mixture of relief, pride and accomplishment — I won that battle!

When I decided to apply the same concept to marketing my business, the results were just as good. That’s when I found my marketing recipe book — Get Clients Now! by CJ Hayden. It basically walks you through the entire process of customizing your marketing plan for an entire month (she even uses meal planning analogies — action menu, success ingredients, choosing your appetizers, main course and dessert action items).

Like meal planning, the benefits of designing a marketing action plan are:
- You are actively working towards a measurable and reachable goal.
- You know exactly what to do when you go into your office.
- You’re no longer stuck in analysis paralysis (the equivalent to staring blankly in the fridge).
- You feel a sense of relief, pride and accomplishment, knowing you’ve taken an active role in marketing your business. You’re prepared, ready for action, and seeing results.

Being a busy Mom and ambitious small business coach, I love that when I have a few minutes to steal away into my office, my marketing plan is right there, taped to my desk. I simply choose an item to concentrate on and work on that. Having my marketing plan prepared for the entire month, I no longer sit at my desk asking “Where was I? What do I do now?”

So what’s on your marketing menu this month?

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Cristina Favreau is Mom to 16-month old Zachary and is expecting a girl end of February. As a small business coach and licensed Get Clients Now! facilitator, her focus is on helping service professionals make marketing & self-promotion easy to understand & to implement. She starts at your level; usually after only one session, you’ll identify where you’re stuck in the marketing process & come up with immediate strategies to gain momentum & take immediate action. Visit

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